REV3 Half Triathlon – Building Character, Fulfilling Dreams, And Another Check Off The Bucket List

5 Things I Learned

  Lake Erie doesn’t taste any better than Lake Michigan (at last year’s Chicago Triathlon) Tolstoy: Adversity builds character. John Wooden: Adversity reveals character. Mularski: Adversity builds and reveals character. Some participants’ bodies were not built to get through this race – determination and the willingness to endure of the human spirit once a worthy […]

What’s The Next Check On Your Bucketlist?

Taking the plunge into the Chicago Triathlon

Some things I learned participating in the Olympic distance Chicago Triathlon: 1. Lake Michigan does not taste good. 2. 61 degree water temp is as cold as it sounds 3. The plants growing in Lake Michigan don’t taste good either. 4. I don’t ever want to pay $73 to park again at the Chicago Hilton. […]