REV3 Half Triathlon – Building Character, Fulfilling Dreams, And Another Check Off The Bucket List

5 Things I Learned


  1. Lake Erie doesn’t taste any better than Lake Michigan (at last year’s Chicago Triathlon)
  2. Tolstoy: Adversity builds character. John Wooden: Adversity reveals character. Mularski: Adversity builds and reveals character.
  3. Some participants’ bodies were not built to get through this race – determination and the willingness to endure of the human spirit once a worthy goal is set never ceases to amaze me.
  4. Gotta get some new gear if I want to take on the full triathlon – bike, monitors, wetsuit, etc. $$$!!!
  5. Why hundreds spent to push my body through its most difficult challenge ever? Building character, fulfilling dreams, and another check off the Bucket List – priceless!

091116rev3tricedarptfinishWhat is your “triathlon” to build your character? Don’t compare yourself with others as it usually results in one of two things:

  • When this person is so wonderful and/or accomplished, you could never do that leading to feeling inferior.
  • Looking at a person and saying to yourself, “At least I’m not that bad,” results in feeling superior but at the expense of not performing at a higher level.

Put forth your best effort at a challenge. Test all of your capabilities to the degree of not being sure it can be done, but knowing that it is possible. Making it too difficult is a setup for overwhelming failure to the point of playing it safe from this point on. Make it too easy and there is no sense of accomplishment.

“My triathlon” preparation tested the feasibility of completing each of the elements of a triathlon. At one point, an injury in regards to running caused a delay in training for a marathon that opened up a window to do some swimming, the least liked part of a triathlon for me. Upon realizing “this is not that bad,” the door opened to doing a triathlon.

Completing each element of the half triathlon individually gave me the confidence to think about doing them combined. Breaking down the seemingly huge challenge into smaller pieces was a key to go to the next level.

Likewise, for any challenge that would be a huge accomplishment, taking smaller steps positioning yourself to believe you can do it is critical. The actual task or challenge, big or small, is not the issue and is different for everyone.

091116rev3tricedarpt-2Whatever your “triathlon” is, go for it! You may even exceed your expectations! The sense of accomplishment and confidence generated in just the process of preparation for that big challenge is beneficial regardless of the outcome. I trained for four years before completing my first marathon and the virtue of perseverance was strengthened every failed attempt.

You can do this! What is “your triathlon” in whatever area of life you have been thinking about? I’d love to hear your story so leave a comment below.

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  1. Hope this inspires people to try things they never thought they could do! A big contributor to post ecstatic growth that is aligned with post traumatic growth. In other words a growing and toughening in a good way to be able to deal with difficult circumstances.

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