What’s The Next Check On Your Bucketlist?

Taking the plunge into the Chicago Triathlon

Chicago Triathlon finish

Some things I learned participating in the Olympic distance Chicago Triathlon:

1. Lake Michigan does not taste good.

2. 61 degree water temp is as cold as it sounds

3. The plants growing in Lake Michigan don’t taste good either.

4. I don’t ever want to pay $73 to park again at the Chicago Hilton.

5. Checking another item off the Bucket List – priceless!!

What is your “Chicago Triathlon” that challenges, scares, and excites you? For some it’s a physical accomplishment, for others mental, or financial. Whatever is “out there” that you think you could and would like to do, but are unsure, give it a try!

Failure is possible, otherwise it wouldn’t be exciting, but you’ll never know until you try. Some of the biggest regrets on a survey of 90+ year olds is that they didn’t take more risks. Regardless of the outcome, you win by building character when you step up and take on personal challenges. Go for it, you can do this!

Share this post if it was encouraging and also share the personal challenges you rose up to, large or small. Remember to not despise small beginnings, big challenges are more than likely preceded by much smaller ones.

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