Photo-KnowledgeVisitsWisdomStaysI am a speaker committed to helping students be smart about higher education. It is one thing to have the “smarts” to enroll in college, but a whole different matter to be smart about getting through school with a great experience that carries on throughout your career and life.

This is my personal blog. It is focused on living a life that matters. Using the term “students” is inclusive of, but not limited to high school and college students. Anyone that wants to grow and make a difference in the world is a life long learner and a student of higher education regardless of age.

Photo-VisionI write on leadership, vision, purpose, making a difference, life goals, mindset, growth, and on occasion, stuff that doesn’t fit in any of these categories. Getting through school on time, choosing the right major, and minimizing debt are directly or indirectly related to all of the above topics. I also write about great books, quotes, health, fitness, and the resources I am discovering.

Photo-follow_your_dreams_by_jenneditionsMy goal is to encourage students to pursue their goals and dreams (see video) and equip them with the necessary vision and confidence to do so. The earlier in life this process is started, the more advantageous it is, but it is never too late to begin. If you want to write an ongoing life story that is filled with adventure, growth, and making the world a better place, then this is the blog for you.

I typically post a 3-5 minute video blog at the beginning of the week along with other social media posts. To make sure you don’t miss my newest posts, you can gain free access via RSS or email (Wisdom for the WeekClick HERE to REGISTER).

My Biography

My entire adult life, in various capacities, has been involved guiding teens to have purpose in life, become the person they were destined to be, and make a difference in the world. These factors play a big role for students navigating the way through the challenges of being smart about higher education. I have the background and knowledge to make not only the higher education experience a great one for students, but equip them with the foundational thinking needed to succeed in a career and life as well.

DropoutImageIf you are looking for a proven professional who can address the issues of students dropping out (up to 33%), taking an average of six years to graduate college, and accumulating $30,000 in debt only to get a job where they are disengaged and uninspired, you’ve come to the right place. With decades of experience working with teens and four academic degrees, my weekly blog is a great source of information that helps students be smart about higher education and beyond.DebtImage

My path to becoming an encourager, coach, and adventurer became clear at an early age during pick up games on the playground. I loved seeing the potential in kids and picking the team no one else thought could win, including the team members themselves! Likewise today, I thrive in guiding and encouraging students of higher education to exceed personal limitations.

HappyImageWhat lights me up about working with students is connecting with those who want to grow, and are looking for encouragement, guidance, and knowledge on how to make that happen. With the willingness to learn, they become wise and speak and do what is right. Doing right is not limited to their personal life, but for others as well. When these students realize the thrill of a destiny to fulfill, the world becomes a better place.

What sets me apart to do this is having worked with teens in various capacities since 1977, this is part of my DNA. With a bachelor’s, two master’s, and a Ph.D., I understand the challenges facing students academically and financially. Working in Fortune 500 companies, helping start and grow a non-profit, and currently being an entrepreneur gives me insight to help students make wise choices in the business world as well.

ConfusedImage1A systematic process is based on getting students to think about and answer five questions: Where are you (overall life assessment)? Where are you going (goals)? Who are you (mental / emotional assessment)? What are you doing that matters (transcendent causes)? What help do you need to most effectively take action?

Getting intentional about the future is critical for students. Picking the right major, graduating on time, minimizing debt, and getting a dream job don’t just happen by chance. Students need encouragement to dream balanced with effective guidelines in order to achieve their goals. I do this!

It would be my pleasure to discuss how I can help you achieve the results you desire. If you are interested in inquiring about a speaking engagement or training seminar, let’s continue the conversation in the manner that suits you best. Click here to go to the BOOK DAN page and give your contact information.

 My Family and Interests



Although an only child and single, I’ve always had a wonderful circle of friends and relatives on both sides of the family.

I enjoy athletic challenges and have completed many backpacking and cycling trips, four marathons, three triathlons (1) (2) and looking forward to doing more. Health and nutrition are important to me and I love to travel around the world. 

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PNCparkBurgPanoramaI am a committed Christian and active in my church and the Pittsburgh area challenging men to serve and lead along with having a heart for local and world missions. Go Steelers, Pirates, and Pens! Click here if you are interested in my vision, purpose, and core values and knowing more about why I love the work I do.

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